In The Media


Below you find a collection of interviews and news articles, as well as webinars and talks at conferences.

Remarkable Women in Transport 2020

On International Women’s Day 2020 I had the honor to feature in this publication of TUMI as a Female Change-Maker. I am in the company of more than 50 other women. The first edition was published in 2019.

Towards Gender Aware Cycling Policy

An interview in the autumn of 2020 by BYCS, an Amsterdam-based social enterprise driven by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world.


I was interviewed by journalist Dan Kois in 2017 and on 13th September 2019 he published the article “How I learned to cycle like a Dutchman” in The NEW YORKER.

Getting parents and children on bikes instead of cars is the basis for mobility choices

My favorite app to navigate the Netherlands on a cycle is Naviki. Here’s an interview with them about (stimulating) cycling and navigation.

Winter cyclists from around the world on how cities can improve

A Youtube video from Tom Babin (Shifter) in which he asked some winter-cycling friends from around the world to tell his audience what they love and, in some cases, hate about winter cycling in their cities.


Gender Aware Bicycle Network Planning

As part of the e-Global Winter Cycling Congress 2021 I shared my view on Gender Aware Bicycle Network Planning. You can review it from 2:56:38 – 3:04:27.

Angela van der Kloof